Established in 1996 #PartyofFive  (plus Boone and Bentlee)

Hey y’all and thanks for checking out my The Leisure Itinerary blog. So happy you also have an interest in the world of leisure (which in my ADD mind, includes more than just travel!).

Fun facts about me:

  • I am a Mom to three beautiful not so little kiddos anymore
  • I married my high school sweetheart in 1996!  🙂
  • I was a stay at home mom for 16 years, and then a preschool teacher before moving to London, and I now have a full-time job with the best darn PR and Marketing Agency… all while still doing photography, and in my spare time keeping up with my blog and social media posts
  • I would fit in great in Hawaii (I am laid back)
  • I slept in an igloo in Germany! (my kids did not love, but I highly recommend!)
  • I love to sing…all the time! (even though my kids tell me “mom!”)
  • My major in college was “Leisure Studies” (yes, there is a degree in that!)
  • I took my first photography class in college 1994 and then finally started a photography business while living in London in 2010
  • I am still a cheerleader at heart….after all, it was 11 years of my life!
  • I finally ran a half marathon and whole marathon in 2012. AND another marathon in 2013!
  • I donated a kidney to my mom in December of 2015 and wish I had more to give away. So be a donor and #donatelife !
  • I lost 43 pounds (check out my journey on my insta: investing_in_yourself)
  • I love to be loved
  • I love my family
  • I love to capture memories…it’s just that simple.
  • Most of all, I love my God.

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I hope you enjoy reading about my “leisure” adventures and moments, both past and present!