The Bible and Storybranding: Esther—The Girl Who Became Queen

Written for my Masters of Art in Communication School of Communication and The Arts, Liberty University Background God’s sovereignty and His loving care for His people is displayed throughout the story of Esther in the Old Testament. Although the author is unknown, the audience is the people of Israel, and the story is set in... Continue Reading →

My First Career: A SAHM

SAHM? -- STAY AT HOME MOM There is so much noise in the world today. So much that you can't escape... it seems. There are so many "self help" influencers out there today on social media as well as 'best sellers' books. Many are spreading positivity and how to better yourself. Many influencers are posting... Continue Reading →

Fear is a liar!

Listening to your father fall to the ground with a massive heart attack -- at the age of nine. Running to my aunt and uncle's home through the woods to get help. Arriving back home watching my brother perform CPR on my dad, while hearing the loud sounds of the ambulance arrive. That is fear,... Continue Reading →

Never underestimate a Sunset

Daily Sunset off our lanai. No filter needed. Is this a dream? Am I really living the Hawaii dream? Listening to the sound of the Avett Brothers playing in the background — watching another beautiful sunset — breezes blowing my hair as I type, while birds fly by chirping. If you looked out over the... Continue Reading →

The Should be’s…

The “should be’s” of today... there are so many. I “should be” in Australia today with my hubby. My Ash “should be” in Switzerland with her 60 other study abroad students. My oldest “should be” back in Shepherd University getting ready to graduate college.... and on and on. We all have our “should be’s”, right?... Continue Reading →

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