Well look what just drifted up!

What was I thinking? Why did it take me soooo long to just do it? To just jump into the world of sharing. Sharing my love for travel and my love of life and all that it has to offer. Just like this piece of drift wood, things sometimes seem to get better and wiser with age. Experiences take on a new meaning and you just seem to look at things differently and through a new lens. So even though this has been in the works for quite some time… um, over a year, I finally took the time to just sit and write, my. first. post. I have come across more time in my life as my kids are going off to college (and where I am not needed quite. as. much.) It’s just, well, overdue. So I plan to use this blog to not only share my current travels, but I also plan to share past trips and memories/tips in hopes it will help to inspire you to get out and see what all the world has to offer.

Disclaimer: since I self diagnosed myself with attention deficit disorder (for real), I will most likely be all over the map (pun intended) here on this blog. And so for that, I apologize in advance if you are one who likes to stick to one type of topic or storyline… I, my friends, hope to share not only travel, but my love for life and family and all the adventures that come with it. After all we are living in the world of leisure. We just have to go find it.

Disclaimer #2: Remember I have a degree in Leisure Studies, so please don’t judge my style of writing. Or maybe you can judge, I will never know! But really, I am just writing/speaking from my heart… in hopes it will inspire and that I can make a difference in just one person out there!

So, go get your suit on and let’s dive right in and ride this wave together! Let’s see where all it takes us!

Driftwood, West Palm Beach FL ~  Elisabeth Bryson Photography, copyright 2017

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