Where do high school sweethearts spend their 20th anniversary?

20 years of marriage… where to go? Cruise for eight days? A trip overseas? Nah, not us. We literally jumped in the car and drove about an hour to the middle of nowhere. To a place called Washington. And I don’t mean Washington, DC. The other Washington… you know, Washington, Virginia. A quaint little town with a lot to offer your five senses.

My hubby surprised me and booked this experience all by himself. (He’s pretty good at that kind of stuff.) He did his homework and it was ah-maz-ing. We drove about an hour out and arrived at the Inn at Little Washington. It was spectacular. As we pulled into the main inn, we were greeted by a bellman wearing a cute hat, who said “Welcome to the Inn at Little Washington, let me help you with your bags”. Now, mind you, we had one bag… I mean we were there for just one night. We are really low maintenance, and you know my hubby can definitely carry his own bag! (funny part was it was a camouflage one!) My husband told the young man, we are fine, but the bellman insisted and said, “If ‘the Chef’ sees you carrying your own bags, I will get into trouble.” (note: Chef is the owner!). So we surrendered and allowed him to carry the camo bag into this beautifully decorated Inn.

As we walked inside, the bellman presented us with champagne and our room keys to the Carter House. Cheers to 20 years of marriage!


Here are my top 10 favorites about the Inn at Little Washington (not in any particular order):

  1. The room key. No lie. It is my favorite. Silly I know. I even bought myself a keyring in the shop (will not tell you how much I paid!) and I carry it every day. It’s like a wonderful reminder of my time spent with my hubby on my 20th anniversary. (You can see it on my home page, it’s the yellow keychain.)
  2. Bathroom. The bathroom was perfection. Really, I mean I dream about this bathroom and how, in my next home, I will design it after this particular bathroom. It was not huge, but just the right space. It had relaxation written all over it. A soaking tub and french doors that opened up to the outdoors, still offering privacy. It was stocked with all the luxurious amenities (shampoo, lotion, etc) to go right along with it.
  3. NO wifi. Being unplugged was one of the best feelings. When you arrive at Washington, VA, you will notice there is no/little cell service. So if you must be reached, one can call the main office and they can transfer the call to your room’s hard line. It was glorious to be unplugged for 24 hours.
  4. High Tea. Who doesn’t love a good British high tea? Beautiful display of biscuits and the tea was delicious. Best part was just sitting and talking.
  5. The Town. The town of Washington has not changed very much since George Washington surveyed it in 1749! It is still a five block by two block grid with only about 150 people. The Town of Washington, a National Historic Landmark is called Little Washington to distinguish it from big Washington, DC.
  6. Turn down service. This is not your typical turn down service. This one was a well thought out, attention to detail kind of turn down. It came with a special journal that was perfectly laid on the pillow.
  7. Patio. The patio was a secluded area with a tranquil fountain, blooming plants and comfy chaise lounge chairs. Perfect for relaxing and reading one of the coffee table books from inside the room.
  8. Dinner. Every course was just an outright “wow” factor. The ambiance was romantic and the service was impeccable. Chef Patrick just knows how to entertain and make you feel like you are a king and queen.
  9. Walking trail and cutting garden. We enjoyed a long walk along the walking trail and through the town. It was a nice way to just get out of the everyday hustle and bustle.
  10. Tavern shops. The shops offered a lot of variety. I loved looking around at all the unique items that were offered. Of course my favorite was the keychain!

So the question is, would I go back again for one night vs. a week long trip, on say a cruise ship? Dang right I would go back again. It just doesn’t get much better than the Inn at Little Washington. The beauty, the service, the food… but really, in the end, it doesn’t matter where you go, it just matters who you are with! I am glad I got to spend my 20th in the small town of Little Washington where all the focus was on each other.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit, it will be worth the investment. I promise.

Driving to Little Washington (told you it was in the middle of nowhere)
Our welcome (isn’t that a cute hat!)
My favorite keychain.
Our room. Isn’t this beautiful?
Flowers my hubby had waiting for my arrival. Just perfect.
The details are never lacking.
This was the most comfy bed.
Entrance to our room. Parlor for making phone calls.
High Tea
This. What a special turn town service touch. Details.
Patio and wine. Doesn’t get much better.
High Tea was so delicious.
View of patio and the fountain.
yes. This!
Robes were so comfy.
Turn down service.
Thank you Patrick. Thank you for appreciating the fine details.
Coffee the next morning. Perfect way to wake up. Coffee is perfection, right?

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  1. Wow! That place looks awesome! So happy that the two of u had a wonderful experience there! Thanks for sharing. We r proud of you two….and the many adventures you’ve had along the way! 🎉❤️👍🌹


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